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When are the parks open?
All Washington County Parks are open 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset.
Where are the parks located?

Visit the park links below for maps and directions. 

    Scoggins Valley Park is located 6 miles south of the town of Forest Grove. From the Portland Metro area, travel west on Highway 26 to Exit 57. Travel south on Glencoe Road and follow the signs to Forest Grove. Continue on Highway 47.
    Metzger Park is located in urban unincorporated Washington County just north of the intersection of Highways 217 and 99W.
    Eagle Landing Park is located southeast of Hillsboro in the Scholls area.
Click here to learn more about our commitment to accessibility and features throughout our parks.
Parking Fees
Scoggins Valley Park is free to visit; however, to park a car, a parking pass is required.

Parking Pass Fees:
$7 daily pass ($5 for seniors 55+ and veterans)
$60 annual pass ($40 for seniors and veterans)

Regular priced parking passes are available at the park entrance fee booth and at C-Ramp (cash and card)

Discount parking passes can be purchased at the Park Office, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm (cash and card), or at Lake Stop Store 8015 SW Old Highway 47, Gaston, OR 97119 (card only).  

Does my Oregon State Park Parking Pass, National Park Pass, or Heritage Parking Pass work at Scoggins Valley Park?
No. Washington County is its own agency, and we do not share a pass.
Are pets allowed at County parks?
Yes, but please remember to keep all pets on a leash at all times. Pets off leash may be fined as outlined in the Park Rules. 
Is metal detecting allowed in parks?
No, metal detecting is not permitted in any Washington County park.
Is drone flying permitted?
Unless authorized via special permit, drone flying is not permitted in any Washington County park.
Is there camping at Scoggins Valley Park (Hagg Lake)?

While there currently is no campground at Scoggins Valley Park, plans for one are in development. To learn more about this project and others, visit washcoparks.org/news/parks-projects.

How long is the Hagg Lake Loop Trail, and how can I use it?
The Hagg Lake loop trail is approximately 14 miles in length, and is open to hikers, trail runners, and mountain bikers. With numerous access points and trail heads, there are segments for all abilities. The trail is closed to e-bikes and horses. Check out our trail map! 

Here are some great tips about safe hiking developed by the National Park Service.

If I want to film a movie or a commercial, who do I contact or what is required?
All filming permits for Hagg Lake go through the BOR and the application for the permit is located at USBR.gov. Once you have completed this step, please contact the Park Office at parks@washingtoncountyor.gov or 503-846-7000.

For Metzger Park, please reach out to us directly at the number above.

Is alcohol allowed in the parks?
For Scoggins Valley Park - Yes. For catered events, where an alcohol server/bartender is preparing and serving drinks, a permit from the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission is required. You are responsible for yourself, and your guests when providing alcohol. The Park is patrolled by the Washington County Sheriff's Office, the Oregon State Police, and Park Rangers.

For Metzger Park and Eagle Landing - No alcohol is allowed.

Where do I find the water temperatures of Henry Hagg Lake?

Park staff do not take daily temperatures of the lake. Park patrons can visit Oregon Water Science Center for daily temperatures of Scoggins Creek below Hagg Lake.

Cell and internet service at Hagg Lake
Due to the remote nature of Hagg Lake, cell and internet signals are spotty, unless AT&T is your carrier. We have two emergency phones at C-Ramp and Eagle Point Recreation Areas (located at the restroom facilities).


What kinds of fish are in Henry Hagg Lake?
The lake is stocked with rainbow trout by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW). Anglers can also catch smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, yellow perch, and cutthroat trout.
When is the lake stocked?
Stocking schedule is available at ODFW website.
Do I need a fishing license to fish at Henry Hagg Lake?
Yes, a license is required to fish at Hagg Lake, see ODFW regulations for details.
When is free fishing day?
ODFW sponsors free fishing days and events; learn more by visiting their website.



Can I swim at Hagg Lake?

Yes. Please note, there are no lifeguards on duty. Learn more about water safety at Hagg Lake.

Personal floating devices (PDFs) are strongly recommended and available free of charge throughout the park. Please refer to our park map legend for specific locations. 

The Joint Water Commission/Hillsboro Water test water for cyanobacteria that can lead to algae blooms. Should cyanobacteria be detected, alerts will be posted throughout the park. Click here to learn more about cyanobacteria, and what to look for. Five things to know about algae blooms.

Users of Hagg Lake should take precautions to prevent getting and spreading illness while recreating.  

  • Stay out of the water if you are sick with diarrhea. If you have cryptosporidium (“Crypto”), don’t go in the water until two weeks after diarrhea has completely stopped. 
  • Don’t poop in the water. 
  • Don’t swallow the water. Keep your mouth closed to avoid getting water in your mouth at all. 
  • Take kids on bathroom breaks and check diapers every hour. Change diapers away from the water’s edge to keep germs from getting in the water. Wash your hands after. 
  • Wash your hands before eating, after using the bathroom or after changing a diaper. 

  • Shower before and after swimming. 
  • Contact Public Health if you think you became ill from recreating at Hagg Lake Park. Call 503-846-3594 to report your illness so they can investigate. 

Visit http://www.cdc.gov/healthyswimming/ for additional tips on safe swimming.

Are there boat ramps at Henry Hagg Lake?
Yes, Scoggins Valley Park features two hard-surface boat ramps, with docks. Ramps are located at C-Ramp and Eagle Point Recreation Areas. Click here to learn more about boating (and fishing!) at the lake.



How do I make a reservation at one of the parks?
We rent outdoor spaces at Scoggins Valley Park and an indoor hall at Metzger Park. See our Reservations page for details.
Are boats available for rent at Scoggins Valley Park?
We do not rent motorized boats. Visit our kayak/SUP rental page for information about our watercraft rentals. 



Washington County Parks partners with ...
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