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It's officially fall in the PNW, and a beautiful time to visit Hagg Lake. We are open 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset, and our 2,500 acre park offers activities for explorers of all-levels.

Bike or hike the trails

With nearly 14 miles of trails around the lake, there's plenty to explore for adventurers of all ages. Whether you're interested in looping the lake on our paved bike lane or mountain biking on our dirt trails, we have two Fix-It bike stations for your convenience at Fee Booth, Fender's Blue, and C-Ramp. 

You can also explore on your own two feet and admire the creeks and vistas encircling the lake. Our tailhead signage provide helpful details like distance, slope, grade and surface type. There are plenty of parking areas, so you can start at a trailhead you're most excited to hike. Our trail map is also handy resource for hikers, noting elevation, amenities and more.

Spot birds and critters

Bring your binoculars and guide to spot the various species of birds that call Hagg Lake their home. You are likely to see plenty of ducks, herons and might even catch a glimpse of a bald eagle. The park is also home to elk, deer, squirrels and coyotes. Be sure to provide plenty of space on paths for our animal pals. 

Fish and kayak

Cooler temperatures and rising water levels make ideal conditions for trout fishing. The lake was last stocked in late October, so there's a good chance you might catch your dinner! For a complete stocking schedule, visit the ODFW site.

Kayaking and kayak fishing are also popular during the fall, as visitors slide along the calm and glassy waters. 

Feed your creativity

Bring your camera! Our park is photogenic with vibrant fall colors, misty tree tops and mirror-like waters. Don't miss our two, nature-inspired art projects:

Hagg Lake Flock (Sain Creek)

Hagg Lake Heron (C-Ramp)

And our seasonal StoryWalk® is located at Cedar Grove trailhead (#32).